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Inaugurazione “Efisio. Martirizzato dai romani, santificato dai cristiani, venerato dai contemporanei”
(Italiano) 14 aprile 2018

For the first time Sant’Efisio, perhaps the most worshipped Saint in Sardinia, is hosted for a great exhibition in the most significant archaeological museum of Sardinia, allowing a new interpretation of his life.

Against the backdrop of a feast nominated as intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari considered it important to connect the episodes of the Saint’s life to the historic moment of his martyrdom occurred 303 AD, when the soldier Ephysius converted himself to Christianity and for this he was martyred.

At the Museum, Efisio becomes a Saint, portrayed in the precious eighteenth-century sculpture by the artist A.G. Lonis and placed in front of the marble statues symbol of the power of Rome, to “ideally” evoke the responsible of his martyrdom.

It is an opportunity for the Museum to better recount Roman Sardinia. The result is expressed with an “emotional” exhibition also because the storytelling is carried out firsthand by Efisio himself.

The story of Efisio and the investigations of the numerous researchers alternate among the Neolithic mother goddesses, the Nuraghic bronze statuettes, the warriors of Mont’e Prama, the Punic steles, the Roman finds, the first traces of Christianity, the Byzantine bas-reliefs of the island of San Macario (Pula) exhibited for the first time at the museum to finally arrive among the traditional folk costumes and precious relics kept by the Archconfraternity of the Saint.


Enjoy your visit

Roberto Concas

Direttore del Museo Archeologico nazionale di Cagliari

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