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MAN Cagliari

Welcome to the site of the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari.

The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari including the Archaeological Museum, the National Gallery, the San Pancrazio area, the Ex Regio Museo and Porta Cristina, is a MiC institute with special autonomy since 2019.
The museum sites are located in the ancient Castello district within the Citadel of Museums which was built between 1956 and 1979 designed by architects Libero Cecchini and Piero Gazzola with the recovery of the royal arsenal and medieval walls.

The archaeological collection includes over 4,000 artifacts that tell a long history of almost 7,000 years, from prehistoric times to the early Middle Ages, from Neolithic mother goddesses to Nuragic bronzes, from Phoenician and Punic jewels to Byzantine cult objects.

The historical-artistic section houses a precious collection of Catalan-Aragonese culture retables from the 15th and 16th centuries and paintings up to the 20th century.

Inscriptions and coats of arms make up the lapidary that tells the urban and social evolution of the city of Cagliari. Fabrics and jewels of the Sardinian tradition, as well as a precious bronze 11th century water tower, complete the museum collection

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