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The patrimony of the picture gallery includes the pictorial collection and the ethnographic collection.

The pictorial collection covers a wide time span ranging from the 15th to the 20th century, with some forays into the 21st century, a journey that starts from the Spanish domination up to the present day.

The ethnographic collection was formed in the 1920s thanks to the sensitivity of Superintendent Antonio Taramelli who was able to understand the importance of collecting and preserving all those testimonies that were defined as “minor art” or “popular art”.

This section includes: fabrics, jewels, home furnishings and baskets of the Sardinian tradition.
The heritage also includes the Hispano-Moorish ceramics from Fondo Pula, decorated with the metallic luster technique.
The ceramics, dated to the 14th century, belong to a very refined and richly decorated type of tableware of Iberian production, which spread in Sardinia after the Aragonese conquest (1323).

A remarkable collection of weapons is kept in the Picture Gallery, perhaps the most important public property in Sardinia. One of the highlights of the collection is the Sardinian single barrel shotgun, called Kannetta or Kannetteddha, a very widespread and highly appreciated weapon in the 18th century, equipped with a stone flintlock, with a slender and elegant line.
The collection also includes a valuable collection of knives and sidearms.

To consult the descriptions of the most representative works of the Picture Gallery, visit this site.

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