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#iorestoacasa from National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari Instalment 22

The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari also participates in the #iorestoacasa campaign promoted by MIBACT.
In this space of study we will reveal some of our finds and ideally guide you in our magnificent collection. Today we will closely observe one of the finds found in the Nuragic sanctuary of Abini – Teti in 1878. Some seekers of the town discovered in the archaeological site a votive closet that contained metal objects for more than 100 kg.
There were bronzes, votive swords, weapons, such as spearheads, blades of cusp daggers and swords, pins, rings, miniature dagger, copper bun–shaped ingots, a lead ingot and some handles, including what we show you today.
The finding is the same as the bronze of the Chieftain of which we spoke last week, which came to the Royal Museum of Cagliari thanks to the purchase of professor Vivanet.
This is a bronze handle originally inserted in a piece of furniture or in a metal container through the two tips with a quadrangular section. It is decorated with a braid motif and topped with a figurine long horned plastic ox.
The representation of the ox is very clear with its legs spread, the long tail and the cylindrical muzzle.
The dating takes us back to the Iron Age between the 10th and 7th centuries BC.

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