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#stories from the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari. Episode 62

Today our virtual tour of the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari bring us in front of the finds found in the temple of Antas in Fluminimaggiore.

Now we will see closely some votive inscriptions of the Punic sanctuary dedicated to the god Sid.

Although the remains of the Templar building from the 5th-3rd century B.C. are very scarce, the ex-votos found are very numerous, in addition to the inscriptions, there are parts of marble statues, figurines in bone, ivory and terracotta, bronze hands, plumed headdresses, amulets, silver caduceus, gold leaves and silver and coins.

The inscriptions were made for the most part on stone bases on which the dedicated votive objects were located, only a few were made engraving different materials, such as bronze and bone. The inscriptions generally date between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC.

Among these dedicatory inscriptions we show you three: the first on a cylindrical marble base reports: «To the Lord Sid powerful Baby, statue of Shadafra… A] donibaal».

The second is engraved on a small bronze base: “To the Lord Sid powerful Baby, a bronze statue that dedicated Himilkat, son of Abdeshmun, son of Bodmelqart, who belongs to the people of Karaly” dated to the second half of the 3rd century BC.

The third is made on a small bone plate and bears the inscription: “Sufeta of the people of Ka (rales)”. This last dedication is very interesting, as it speaks about the presence in Cagliari (Karales) of the Sufetians, senior city magistrates of the Punic era.

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