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Virtual Tour of the Archaeological Museum

From Friday 3 April the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari can be visited in virtual mode!

Thanks to 15 high resolution spherical images, the four exhibition floors of the Museum, with over 4000 finds, can be visited comfortably from home.
Visitors will have the opportunity to get passionate about the history of Sardinia from the ancient Neolithic to the year 1000 A.D. and to retrace the rooms that exhibit the finds they love or to explore them for the first time and propose a real visit to the reopening of the Museum.

The project stems from an agreement between the Sardinian Museum Center (now the Regional Museum Directorate) and the Teravista company, in collaboration with the University of Padua, for the creation of virtual tours, to be used for VR headset within the museums, some important places of culture; among these, will soon be available for use: the tours of the archaeological area of ​​“Su Nuraxi” of Barumini, the prehistoric altar of Monte d’Accoddi and the National Gallery of Sassari, which will accompany the Garibaldino Compendium of Caprera that is already avalaible in all Sardinian museums.

Today the virtual tour of the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari is made available to everyone free of charge to meet the desire of citizens to be close to their places of the heart. The tour will also soon be implemented with the visualization of 3D models of the most important objects in the showcases.

The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari opens to everyone virtually because #thecultureneverstops!

The link to connect to the virtual experience is VirtualTour_Museo

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