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Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is part of the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, a MiC institute with special autonomy since 2019.

The Museum is located in the ancient Castello district within the Citadel of Museums which was built between 1956 and 1979 designed by architects Libero Cecchini and Piero Gazzola with the recovery of the royal arsenal and medieval walls.

The archaeological collection includes over 4,000 artifacts that tell a long history of almost 7,000 years, from prehistoric times to the early Middle Ages, from Neolithic mother goddesses to Nuragic bronzes, from Phoenician and Punic jewels to Byzantine cult objects.


Pannello tattile Museo

The liquid Museum

In 2016 the museum becomes liquid with the accessibility project


Pagina del Blog

The museum becomes social

Opening of company profiles and blogs, virtual buildings of the museum.


Museum of the Citadel of Museums

In 1993 the Museum collections are moved to one of the buildings of the complex of the Citadel of Museums

Acquarello caldanzano

Royal Archaeological Museum

The museum is set up in ‘building the brand in Independence Square, designed by Denis Scanu.

Regio Museo Archeologico. Allestimento

Royal Archaeological Museum. Exhibition

Regio Museo Archeologico. Allestimento

Royal Archaeological Museum. Exhibition

Allestimento a Palazzo Vivanet

Vivanet Palace

To accommodate the new object was first created by a lapidary cabinet, then in 1895 the entire “museum” was moved in some rooms of the Palazzo Vivanet on Via Roma.

1806 – 1893
Allestimento alla Regia Università

Exhibition at the Royal University

In 1805 the Viceroy gave the collection of the Cabinet of Archaeology and Natural History at the Royal University of Cagliari in the Belgrano headquarters building, in the Via University.

1800 – 1805
Palazzo Viceregio

Viceregal Palace

The Cabinet of Archaeology and Natural History in the halls of the Viceregal Palace, edited by Knight Leonardo De Prunner.

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