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World Autism Awareness Day and the illustrated guide of the Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari strongly believes in accessibility and the importance of being a museum capable of transforming itself to be within the reach of all its visitors, in short, a Liquid Museum.

Today is the World Autism Awareness Day and since #laculturanonsiferma (i.e. #theculturedoesnotstop) and it is right that it does not stop for anyone … through our site it will be possible to download the illustrated guide of the Museum!

A simple and accessible booklet with illustrated stories of the most significant works of the Museum, designed for children and in particular for children and young people affected by autism spectrum disorders.

The guide, based on the communicative model of social stories that lends itself to teaching and education to social behaviors, was born from the “Discovering the past” project of Storie Sociali – which saw a working group working together within the Museum with the associations ABC Sardegna, Diversamente Onlus and Peter Pan.

By clicking below you can download the museum guide.

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